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What is percussive therapy?

Massage guns are revolutionizing the way fitness recovery is approached but what exactly do they do? Percussive or vibration therapy is a type of massage that provides bursts or constant vibrating pressure to selected muscle groups. This action promotes blood flow, can help reduce inflammation, and relieve muscle tension through breaking up knots that are formed over physical activity.

Who should use percussion therapy and why buy a massage

Percussion therapy and massage guns are for anyone that is physically active. Athletes and people that work out regularly suffer from more muscle soreness and stiffness than most. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the training, percussive therapy allows the muscles to recover faster in order to train for longer and more regularly

Our massage guns and percussive therapy equipment are designed for athletes but used by anyone. Many people suffer from a sore back or neck from working long hours in front of a desk. Percussive therapy relieves muscle tightness that can be formed through poor posture or excessive use.

Studies have shown that using a massage gun is just as effective in reducing muscle soreness compared to a professional sports massage after exercising. The only difference is that you can do it yourself and from the comfort of your own at the speed and pressure of your choosing. Furthermore, out massage guns can also penetrate deeper than traditional massages providing 12mm of amplitude, allowing for the effective breakdown of scar tissue. This deep tissue massage will allow your body to repair and recover and quicker rates giving you the competitive edge you need.

Massage guns are also compact are easy to use. Both the Recover Pro and Recover Mini massagers come with a portable carry case which allows you to take it anywhere. Recover on the go and always have loose muscles feeling great, whether it is to the gym, sports training, the office, or holiday.



Relieve muscle knots and tightness from overexertion and remove lactic acid and toxins. Choose from 6 specific massage heads to treat your targeted muscles accordingly.


Speed up your recovery process through myofascial release allowing you to train harder and more regularly to grow larger, stronger muscles.


Restore oxygen and nutrients to your working muscles which facilitates the process of rebuilding broken down muscle fibers following exercise.


Give yourself the tools to train and perform like a professional athlete. Consistency is key with anything, especially when it comes to exercise and recovery.

Benefits and science behind massage guns/percussive therapy

Releasing Fascia

Massage guns facilitate a process called myofascial release which restores the health of your fascia which is a connective tissue that surrounds and holds every muscle, organ, blood vessel, bone and nerve fiber in place. Percussive therapy through the use of massage guns allow your fascia to function properly, prevent adhesions, reduce tension and other sources of muscle pain. 

 This is done through increasing muscle hydration and eliminating toxins. Effective and regular myofascial release is directly linked to increasing range of motion and reducing the risk of injury.

Delaying onset muscle soreness

It is no secret that vibrations caused from massage guns are known to delay onset muscle soreness or commonly known as the DOMS. DOMS are caused by microscopic damage to the muscle fibres and can last anywhere between 24 to 72 hours after a workout. Through the vibrations lactic acid that builds up in our muscles after exercising is flushed out. Lactic acid is what we associate muscle soreness following intensive exercise. This comes in very useful professional athletes that are expected to train and perform daily. 

A number of New Zealand athletes and sports professionals have chosen RecoverTech to keep them performing at the highest level. Scientific studies have shown that using vibration therapy post workout is equally effective as getting a sports massage in terms of preventing DOMS.

Improving mobility and joint flexibility

Our massage help break down internal scar tissue caused by exercise that can alleviate pain and relieve constriction. The use of percussive therapy also stimulates nerve receptors which cause vasodilation in the muscle which improves mobility. 

This process of creating more flexible joints therefore increases the range of motion and reduces the risk of injury.

Reduced stress and improved sleep

Deep tissue massage releases endorphins, increases serotonin, and reduces anxiety. The relaxation of the muscles using a massage gun helps manage the overall stress in the body. The national institute of mental health recommend performing muscle relaxation exercises to combat stress. 

 By reducing the overall tension in the body and downregulating the nervous system which contributes to improved sleep.

When to use your massage gun

Muscle warmup

The main reason for using vibration therapy or a massage gun pre-exercise is to prime the muscles for use. Doing this promotes blood flow to the targeted muscles, which provides the necessary circulation of nutrients which can help reduce muscle inflammation, muscle tension, and increase mobility/range of motion which ultimately reduces the risk of injury.
A 2020 study from the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health discovered several benefits associated to percussive therapy use before exercise. 

 They found that pre-exercise use increased ankle range of motion, muscle strength, and agility. Another 2019 study from the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that pre-exercise vibrations reduced signs of fatigue in muscle groups such as the quadriceps. A similar 2017 study in the same journal found similar results, backing up findings of reduced soreness, and muscle lactate 72 hours post exercise.

During exercise

Using percussive therapy during exercise has also been found to be beneficial. Use the Recover Pro or Mini between sets to break down existing muscle knots and remove tension. 

Promoting blood flow during exercise supplies the muscles with much needed oxygen and nutrients which can reduce muscle fatigue and increase the force output potential. This will allow you to train for longer and harder to reach your full potential.


Everyone has suffered from muscle soreness at some point in their lives. Through exercise, muscle fibres are broken and then repaired in a continuous cycle. This facilitates the process as muscles need a supply of oxygen and nutrients to function properly and accelerates the body’s ability to heal and recover. Percussion therapy, through the use of massage guns, break down adhesions and internal scar tissue, promotes circulation in the lymphatic systems, which enhances flexibility and range of motion through gentle stretching.

A 2019 review study in the International Journal of Medical Research looked at 10 previous studies involving 258 participants focussing on the effects that vibration therapy and massage guns have on delayed-onset muscle soreness or DOMS. Studies found that muscle soreness was notably reduced 24 and 48 hours following exercise which has significant implications on people that exercise regularly. A 2014 study published in the Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research claimed that vibration therapy “improves muscular strength, power development and kinesthetic awareness.”